David Kimelman


April 9, 2013
Welcome To Our Home —1

Kevin’s and my apartment was featured on Design Sponge, the popular interior design site. I shot all the pictures for the piece. I often photograph people in their homes and it was a rather interesting experience to turn the camera on ourselves. It was also really fun to work with my husband on the shoot and to identify and document what we love about our home.

Welcome To Our Home —2

These are our completely adjustable custom bookshelves we designed. Form and function. We have so much control over displaying books, art, and treasures we’ve collected throughout our travels. The library ladder can also be easily moved and used to access the storage loft above the kitchen. We were also thrilled that our design was able to downplay the flatscreen television by containing it within the framing of the shelves. Nothing drains the energy of a room like a television that’s not on.

Welcome To Our Home —3

We had a DIY chalk mural party with a few friends and lots of wine and this is the outcome. We couldn’t be happier and we add to it every once in awhile. It’s a permanent work in progress.

Welcome To Our Home —4

The monkey skull is a keepsake from our backpacking trip through Western Africa. We found it while off the beaten path along the Gambian River. Also on that shelf are some bones, teeth, and horns from a Senegalese beach near Dakar. The little black chick is made by a Parisian taxidermist friend, Mathieu Miljavac.

Welcome To Our Home —5

We found the skull in the basement of our building when we moved in. Our neighbor, who put it down there, saw it in our house and gasped claiming that it’s possessed. Fun Fact: we have enough barware for a party of 80.

Welcome To Our Home —6

Lisa’s favorite place to sit and be adored. She loves cashmere.

Welcome To Our Home —7

One of my portraits of the performer Mx. Justin Vivian Bond. This picture was taken to promote an Obama fundraiser that I organized and Mx. Bond emceed.

Welcome To Our Home —8

Custom designed table by Brian Foster who makes gorgeous furniture out of honest materials. This piece of wood was out behind his studio in Philly bleaching in the sun for over two years. Painting by Canadian artist Brian Donnelly.

Welcome To Our Home —9 Welcome To Our Home —10

Handmade Turkish rug from a recent trip to Istanbul. We never get tired of looking at Helmet Newtons photos. There is always a book of his images floating around the house.

Welcome To Our Home —11 Welcome To Our Home —12 Welcome To Our Home —13

Laurel Sparks textural painting “Farbscheisse II”, gets a place of honor in the shelves between vintage Furbee and a lovingly handmade crocheted version of Chase-No-Face (the cat without a face) by Jonny Linville. Karen Azoulay’s “untitled constellation portraits” feature my hand on the left and Kevin’s hand on the right.

Welcome To Our Home —14 Welcome To Our Home —15 Welcome To Our Home —16

Pattern play. “Squeezing Moons” painting by C.Finley adds dynamic color to our moody bedroom. The bedding we picked up while traveling through Senegal.

Welcome To Our Home —17 Welcome To Our Home —18 Welcome To Our Home —19

Kevin made this decoupaged Courtney Love “un-makeover” vanity from a thrift store find. It features articles, headlines, and images from magazines spanning 1995 to 2005- It’s a statement piece. Kevin loves Courtney, anyone who knows him knows this.