David Kimelman


May 1, 2012

Thanasis Petroyiannis is A Man To Pet. In Thanasis’s own words, A Man To Pet is “is a Man that likes to pretend that is a sexy woman in a very funny way.” Sexiness and humor, along with twisted glamor and a fiery attitude, are indeed the mainstays of his act. And while Thanasis is quiet and shy in person, A Man To Pet is a total force of nature when he’s on stage. His performances are known for their outlandish and spastic movements, outrageous outfits, and crude prosthetics.

A Man To Pet performs at different clubs around London and around the world. On the night I photographed him he was playing host and entertainer on his home stage, The Pale Blue Door in the Dalston section of East London. The Pale Blue Door is a tiny cabaret style space where guests are served a home cooked dinner along with the show. Thanasis lives next door and there’s a secret tunnel from his home to the back entrance of the venue.

On the day I photographed him, Thanasis was having a really bad day. He had awoken that morning to find that his home had been robbed and that his car was also stolen. He was understandably very upset. It was amazing to see him rise above his sadness, fear and anger to put on the show captured in these images.

How do you describe A Man To Pet to someone who has never met her?

A Man to Pet is not her
is a he!!!!!!!
is a Man that likes to pretend that is a sexy woman in a very funny way

What inspires the looks and attitude of A Man To Pet?

inspirations comes from everywhere everydays life

Tell me about the first time you performed as A Man To Pet. What made you want to keep doing it?

first time i performe as A Man To Pet it was 6 years ago in a competition of lipsinging!!!!! i won!!!! they ask me to go back
i did and slowly i start performing all over the world and being to fabulous festivals, venues and places!!!! what makes me keep going is meeting people intresting people just like you

How do you feel when you are performing?

i feel good when i performe and i see people having fun :)