David Kimelman


June 20, 2012

I met Emiliano Maggi when I was in Rome this past spring. He is a visual artist, a performance artist, a recording artist, and a jewelry maker. In person he is quiet and affable, one of those people who sometimes appears to be floating off the ground a little bit. His artwork and his performances, however, are dark and animalistic, featuring rich layers of furs, wigs, wax, and lots of masks.

I photographed Emiliano in his workspace, which is full of works in progress along with hundreds of objects from past performances. Emiliano also took me up to Villa Doria Pamphili, a park on top of one of Rome’s many hills. I photographed him among the ruins in some of his favorite performance masks.

Emiliano’s album ESTASY, a collection of songs recorded outside of a studio in places like his home, a field, and a cave, is forthcoming.

What is your relationship with animals and nature? How does it inspire your work?

man without animal ..its nothing
following them…researching their living circle.. watch them..smell and breath their messages..
getting to the level

they learn how to survive

they keeps the key for the arcaic world.

What kind of experience do you want people to have when they watch one of your performances?

any experience

free and free to feel

i just tell a story ..bringing a message from some other places …. but anyone can fall into..and have their own thoughts and sensation

How do you feel when you wear a mask? Why do you use them in your art?

feels really good…..straight deep and fast……possession possessed.

Does living and working in Rome, a very ancient city, inform your art?

i believe…my work wil be really different if i wasnt in rome….but traveling and getting out sometimes its important to explore and discover your own city

Tell me about your upcoming album. What does it sound like?

a music project called ESTASY, coming out with Acephale…..songs recorded around ..on tapes..fields…caves…home.

songs about ghosts.

another important thing that safe my life…music