David Kimelman

DAVID JEANNEROT RENET & Les Mauvaises Graines

May 16, 2012

David Jeannerot Renet is the creator of Les Mauvaises Graines ( “The Bad Seeds” ), a conceptual urban gardening store in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, Montmartre. The shop supplies a variety of well suited plants to Paris’s window and balcony gardeners amongs a carefully curated selection of curios and object d’art. David and his staff also design and maintain custom gardens in private homes.

I photographed David at the shop, and also with two of his colleagues, Antoine and Antoine, at the new terraced plot of land he is developing for cultivation a few blocks from the store. This long neglected piece of land, hidden in the courtyard of a Montmartre apartment block, will allow him to grow and sell his inventory in the same neighborhood.

If you are in Paris, check out Les Mauvaises Graines:
25, rue Custine – Paris 18th

Phone: + 33 1 55 79 71 35

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 19h30 and Sundays from 11h to 14h

What inspired you to create Les Mauvaises Graines?

The idea was to create an atmosphere that would speak to everyone and in which everyone could stock up on ideas. In order to protect biodiversity, the plants that we use are from local growers, around Paris, who use no fertilizer or insecticides. Les Mauvaises Graines are bringing back plants that have often been forgotten: delphinium, heuchera, blue bugle… The point is to give people a breath of fresh air and life in the heart of of the 18th district of Paris. As far as the name, I thought about Les Mauvaises Graines (The Bad Seeds) as this expression is often applied to rebels kids, but also because bad seeds determine the quality of the ground.

What is the concept of your store?

Much more than just a plant store, Les Mauvaise Graines is a lifestyle, an attitude. In the houses of our clients, we create a garden that rocks, with no frills, but with energy, and perfectly adequate to our clients’ desires. I pride myself in creating a lively environment of greenery and colors, and I follow up with advice and after-care. When I design a terrace, I envision it set up as a rock concert!

How would you describe your relationship with plants?

I have always loved plants. I grew up in a small village with my grand-mother who was a botanist and my grand-father who had a blue-collar garden. Whe I turned 40, I decided to create a concept that would include my two passions: my love for plants and rock ‘n’ roll. I wanted to be able to find in the heart of Paris what nourished my childhood: to water the plants everyday, to climb in a tree house, to chase butterflies… a certain taste of freedom!

Who do you collaborate with?

Depending on the season, different designers display their creation exclusively in the store: sculptors, illustrators, taxidermists, wine finders, publishers, clothing designers, … Temporary exhibitions, that start with very lively opening nights! A string of artists or artisans who are passionate and fascinating!

Tell me about the garden you are creating in Montmartre near the shop.

On the heights of Montmartre, this 500 sq. meter garden will allow us to grow our plants directly next to the store. We will also organize events to bring nature lovers together!